A Call To Alms

The Royal Sussex Regimental Collection

Home to the Royal Sussex Regiment until amalgamation in 1966, the Regimental Collection was maintained for public viewing by appointment at the Roussillon Barracks, which by then was home to the Royal Military Police.

Relocated to the First Floor of the then Chichester Museum in Little London, the collection was again forced to move in 1982.

The collection then took up residence in the Redoubt Fortress in Eastbourne in 1984 (pictured above), where it was to display its artefacts for 30 years within a period military setting. In 2014 the landlord, Eastbourne Borough Council, claimed that the Fortress was too damp and therefore no longer a suitable environment for the collection, and served the Association with a ‘Notice to Quit’.

Sadly, today, all of the priceless artefacts are now under secure storage, unavailable for public display.

The Regimental Association’s aim is to restore the collection to public viewing, and we believe that the memory of the men who served, and gave their lives with the Regiment deserve nothing less.