The official website of the Royal Sussex Regimental Association

Priez Parade

Branch Standards lead the parade to Priez church, 10th September 2018

Welcome to the official website of The Royal Sussex Regimental Association.

I hope it will be appreciated that even after the Regiment’s disbandment more than 55 years ago now, the Association lives on and is proud of its place in the hearts of the people of Sussex.

It is a testament to the longevity of the Cardwell reforms of the 1870’s which linked Regiments to a specific county and that the names of old county Regiments still burn bright across the UK. This is most evident if you go around the country and look at the monuments in the towns and villages, they are all to the old county regiments.

This website will hopefully give you a flavour of not only the history of the Regiment, but also of the Association that emerged from it, and which now remains the bedrock and repository of its artefacts and heritage.

It contains all the information on the various Branches, its officers as well as links to other organisations affiliated to the Association. There is also a shop for those wishing to purchase memorabilia and a virtual museum which shows a variety of the more than 8,000 items in the collection. This section will be expanded as we develop the website further.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you for visiting us. 

Douglas McCully, President